Thursday, September 3, 2009

New DuPont Nafion XL-MEAs

Some common questions on New DuPont membrane for the PEM fuel cell (PEMFC):

1. Why can't I buy the DuPont XL-membrane alone without catalyst or GDL?

The XL-membrane is only offered with a fully integrated catalyst layer (3 layer or 5 layer with GDL) because it was optimized by DuPont to deliver the best possible synergy between the electrode and the membrane.

2. Is DuPont going to stop selling other membranes like the NR211 and N115?

No, while DuPont plans to deliver the integrated MEA technology for all new electrode platforms like XL, they will continue to sell existing membranes and dispersions.

3. What is the End User Agreement?

The product encompasses DuPont confidential information, and the customer must agree not to chemically analyze, disassemble or reverse engineer the product, in addition any public release of information about the test results must first be reviewed and approved by DuPont.

4. What is the platinum loading on the membrane?

This information is not being made available. Further improvements in the product may in the future lower the total platinum loading content of the product without sacrificing performance.

5. What is the performance specification of the product?

The power density and lifetime will vary with each customer application, however, typical performance is over 650 mV at 1 Amp per square centimeter under atmospheric humidified air and hydrogen operation at 65°C with a 20 times longer life when compared with a comparable NR211 based MEA in demanding load and humidity cycling applications.

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