Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New DuPont MEA with extended life

DuPont Fuel Cells has introduced DuPont™ Nafion XL Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEA) based on a new extended-life reinforced membrane that combines the advantages of mechanical reinforcement with enhanced chemical stability, enabling improved membrane durability.


* Stationary—Remote location and backup power applications
* Transportation—Bus, automotive and light-duty vehicles


* Performance equivalent to DuPont MEAs made with Nafion® NR211 membrane.

* Increase in tensile strength (1.5 times) and over 50 percent reduction in
hydration expansion compared to NR211 membrane.

* Reduction in fluoride emissions (40 times) compared to MEAs made with non-
reinforced, chemically stabilized membrane.

* Extended MEA Lifetime—Lasts 20 times longer in demanding load and humidity cycling applications of fuel cells

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