Saturday, April 4, 2009

Future of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Economy: Current Situation

Increasing environmental problems, limited fossil fuel resources and the geopolitical dependence on crude oil are enormous challenges. According to energy experts from all over the world, fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies will play an important role in the future energy economy. This is particularly true for the transport sector which is marked today by a total dependency on oil.

Hydrogen needs to be produced, stored and distributed cost-effectively and with zero or near-zero CO2 emissions. Fuel cells, with their high electrical efficiencies and clean exhaust, have the potential to produce excellent solutions to the ecological and economic problems, provided that their development is pursued in a determined way. The R&D efforts continue all over the world.

Some of the main problems that need to be tacled are cost reduction for all components and systems, performance improvements, manufacturing technologies, infrastructure development, international agreements on codes, standards and regulations and many more.

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